How we’ll help you do it all.

Small Business Consulting Services

Ask any business question, large or small, and we’ll deliver a detailed answer within 2 business days, guaranteed.

Expert team

You can rely on getting the best, most accurate information

Answers within 2 business days

Get the insights you need to make decisions quickly, on your schedule

Unlimited questions, no additional fees

You don’t have to count pennies whenever a question arises

Upnetic Legal Services

Get matched with a qualified attorney in your area for any legal need in your business


Nationwide network of attorneys

Our team will connect you with the best fit based on your location, language preference, and specific legal need.

Exclusive discounts on legal services

Members receive 40% off attorney’s standard rate, with select services provided free, including initial consultations, document review, and more.

Get help with common business legal needs

Including employment matters, intellectual property, tax law, workers’ compensation, registered agent services, and more.

Website Builder

Get your business online with our intuitive website builder and make a great impression with potential customers

Simple, template based platform

Find the template that fits your business and easily add the text, photos, and videos you want, with unlimited pages

Fully responsive design

Be confident that your site will display perfectly on any size device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Free website hosting and SSL certificate

Put your business online without breaking the bank, saving hundreds of dollars each year

Digital Media Dashboard

Our digital media dashboard helps you manage your social media accounts in one place, and track your online metrics in real time.


Customizable dashboard with your choice of widgets and functions

Get the data that is most relevant to your business

Facebook and Twitter integration

Save time by posting directly to your accounts and tracking user interaction in one place

Google Analytics integration

Identify how visitors are engaging with your website and how you can improve

Digital Marketing Analyzer

Get an expert assessment that reviews every part of your online presence, with specific recommendations on things you can do to improve.

Professional analysis from digital marketing experts

You’ll get advice you can trust in an ever-evolving field

Analysis completed within one hour

Get the insights you need to make decisions quickly

Receive a detailed, written report

Take action to improve your online presence and performance

CRM with Email Marketing

We’ll help you improve your sales, marketing, and communication with our CRM tool that includes contact management for customers and prospects as well as email marketing from Mailchimp.

Store all customer and prospect data

Increase sales opportunities and build stronger customer relationships

Full integration with Mailchimp email marketing platform

Increase sales and loyalty with customized email marketing campaigns

Track lead sources

Optimize your marketing budget by measuring sales from different sources


Legal Forms

Find the documents you need in our library of customizable forms, from debt collection and independent contractor agreements to intellectual property and more.


Extensive library of legal forms and documents

 Save time by finding everything you need in one place

Easy-to-use document builder

Generate professionally written documents quickly

Business Plan Software

Our comprehensive do-it-yourself business plan software walks you through the entire process of creating a professional business plan, with both narrative and financial projections.

Industry-specific plan templates

Create a plan that is structured specifically to your business

Step-by-step wizard and video guidance

Ensure that you’re putting the right information into your plan

Financial statements and projections generator

Create detailed projections easily, without needing spreadsheet software


Learning Lab

Get tips and insights from experts and fellow business owners on sales & marketing and other business topics.

Regular updates

Come back each month for new series on important topics for your business

Subject matter experts

Learn from best-selling authors and experienced business owners sharing advice and insights

Videos and articles

Explore our complete archive of videos and articles breaking down complex topics

Google Business Profile Optimization

Our Google Business Profile certified experts will create and optimize your Google Business profile, making your business easy for customers to find and reach online.


Have your profile optimized by certified experts and ready for verification within two business days of submission

Quick and easy setup to strengthen your online presence

Maximize search results with tips from our Google Business Profile Optimization guide

Make your business stand out on Google searches and Google Maps with answers from our certified experts

Get answers to all of your marketing questions from our Google Business Profile certified experts

Take control of how customers find and interact with your business online

Comprehensive Business Assessment

Complete an in-depth questionnaire about your business and get a detailed report on the next steps for your business.

Self-guided questionnaire

Answer questions about your business, with customized questions based on your responses.

Detailed, written report

Get a thorough breakdown analyzing your responses based on a range of categories.

Specific insights and advice

Take action to improve and grow your business with advice based on your responses.

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